Lab members:

Richie Chen Undergraduate student
About Richie:
Richie is from Flushing, NY, and is a junior at Cornell. He joined the Pawlowski lab in the early 2012. He studies mechnisms controlling meiotic recombination rates.
Yan He


Ph.D.: University of Florida

About Yan:
Yan is from Beijing, China. He came to the Pawlowski lab in December 2010 and works on elucidating the landscape of meiotic recombination in maize as well as many other projects. Yan will be leaving the lab in July 2014 to take a faculty position at the China Agricultural University in Beijing.

PhD student

B.S.: James Madison University

About Sammy:
Sammy comes from Zionsville, Pennsylvania. She joined the Pawlowski lab in spring of 2012 as a graduate student in Plant Biology. Her thesis project explores the effect of chromosome condensation on meiotic recombination.

Erin Mattoon Undergraduate student
About Erin:
Erin is from Genoa, NY, and is a freshman at Cornell. As a high school student, she was a summer intern in the Pawlowski lab in 2012 and 2013. She is now a full member of the lab, studying chromosome condensation in meiosis.
Mischa Olson

PhD student

B.S.: Iowa State University

About Mischa:
Mischa is from Iowa City, Iowa. She came to Cornell in Fall 2013 as a graduate student in Plant Biology. As an undergrad, she was a summer REU intern in the lab in 2010. Mischa is interested in recombination and the evolution of polyploids.

Wojtek Pawlowski


Ph.D.: University of Minnesota
Postdoc: University of California at Berkeley
Choon-Lin Tiang


Ph.D.: University of Birmingham, UK

About Choon-LIn:
Choon-Lin was born and grew up in Malaysia. He joined the Pawlowski lab in December 2010. He studies the function of the Pam1 gene in maize

Ljuda Timofejeva

Visiting scientist

Ph.D.: St, Petersburg State University, Russia

About Ljuda:
Ljuda is from Tallin, Estonia and is a faculty member at the Tallin University of Technology. In our lab, Ljuda is working to clone and characterize the MeiN2415 gene in maize. Her six month stay at Cornell, from October 2013 to March 2014, is sponsored by the Baltic American Freedom Foundation.

Marilyn Wang Undergraduate student
About Marilyn:
Marilyn is from the San Francisco Bay Area and is a senior at Cornell. She joined the lab in the fall of 2011. She studies mechanisms responsible for initiation of recombination in plants.
Minghui Wang


Ph.D.: Shanghai Jiao Tong University

About Minghui:
Minghui is from China and joined us in September 2011. He is charge of our bioinformatics analyses. He is co-advised by Jarek Pillardy from Cornell's Computational Biology Service Unit.

Adele Zhou

PhD student

B.S.: University of Arizona

About Adele:
Adele is from Phoenix, Arizona. She joined the Pawlowski lab in the summer of 2012 as a graduate student in Genetics, Genomic, and Development. She investigates what long non-coding RNAs do in meiosis in Arabidopsis.

Lab alumni

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