Pawlowski lab alumni

Here are people who once worked with us. They moved on to do bigger and better things. We miss them all.

Dana Robinson Postdoc 2018 Now technology specialist at Clark+Elbing
Bing Liu Postdoc 2017 - 2018 Now scientist at Huazhong Agricultural University
Joshua Derrick

Summer intern (from MIT)

Raffee Wright

Summer intern (from Brown University)

Adele Zhou



Now medical writer at MedImmune
  Ph.D. student 2012 - 2018  
Carla Dizon

Summer intern (from University of Guam)

Shao-Bin Zhang

Visiting scientist (from Shenyang Agricultural University, China)

2016 - 2017

Erin Mattoon

Undergraduate student

2012 - 2017

Now PhD student at WashU
  Summer intern 2012  
Kyle Lewald Summer intern (from UC Berkeley) 2016  
Matthew Willman

Summer intern (from Ohio State University)

Leiyun Yang

Rotation Student

Sammy Mainiero MS student 2012 - 2015  
Richie Chen Undergraduate student 2012 - 2015  
Choon-Lin Tiang Postdoc 2010 - 2015 Now senior lecturer at Tunku Abdul Rahman University College
Ljuda Timofejeva

Baltic American Freedom Foundation fellow (from Tallin University of Technology, Estonia)

Gabrielle Whitney

Summer intern (from Muhlenberg College)

Yan He Postdoc 2010 - 2014 Now professor at China Agricultural University
Marilyn Wang Undergraduate student 2011 - 2014 Now PhD student at UC Davis
Fred Dong Undergraduate student


Joy Li Undergraduate student 2013  
Ed Quach

Summer intern (from Muhlenberg College)

Angelica Schreyer Undergraduate student 2012 - 2013  
Harun Rashid Visiting student (from Wageningen University, the Netherlands) 2012 - 2013  
Celeste Fang Undergraduate student 2010 - 2013 Now MD/PhD student at Northwestern University
Dominika Idziak Fulbright scholar (from University of Silesia, Poland) 2012  
Blaine Harlan

Summer intern (from Butler University)

Rhoderissa (Rissa) Dizon Summer intern (from NDSU) 2012  
Courtney Mazique Summer intern (from University of Arkansas Pine Bluff) 2012  
Angel Williams Summer intern (from Mississippi Valley State University) 2012  
Clint Ko Undergraduate student 2011 - 2012  
Yadanar Htike Summer intern (from UC Berkeley) 2011  
Sarah Wolfe Summer intern (from Pittsburg State University) 2011  
Cathy Fahey Technician 2010 - 2011  
Gagan Sidhu PhD student 2006 - 2011 Now postdoc in Jean Gautier lab at Columbia University
Chis Bozza

MS student

2005 - 2011  
Leigh Rexius Summer intern (from Northern Arizona State University Yuma) 2009  
Patricia Eliasinski Undergraduate student 2007 - 2009  
Moira Sheehan Postdoc 2006 - 2009 Now scientist at Nature Source Improved Plants
Tomek Warzecha Visiting scientist (from Agricultural University at Cracow, Poland) 2008  
Kendra Hutchins Rotation student 2008  
Emily Pinto Summer intern (from Vanderbilt University) 2008  
Peter Mattingly Summer intern 2008  
Arnaud Ronceret Postdoc 2005 - 2008 Now professor at UNAM
Junliang Zhao Visiting scientist (from Shanxi Academy of Agricultural Science, China) 2006 - 2007  
Jessica Szymaniak


2005 - 2006

Now genetic counselor at the University of Pennsylvania

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