A postdoctoral position is available in the Pawlowski lab at Cornell University to investigate mechanisms of meiotic recombination in plants. Our main model is maize, which has conspicuous chromosomes and large reproductive organs that are uniquely suited to microscopic and biochemistry/proteomics studies.

Potential projects include understanding how chromatin and the chromosome axis control recombination landscape (He et al., PNAS, 2017; Kianian et al., Nature Communications, 2018) and identifying the genetic basis of crossover landscape variation (Sidhu et al., PNAS, 2015). Specifics of the project will be tailored to the interests of the successful candidate.

Requirements: Ph.D. in genetics, cell biology, plant biology or a related field. Experience in molecular biology is essential.

The position is available immediately and the start date is negotiable. To apply or receive additional information, please e-mail wp45@cornell.edu. Please include a statement of research interests and a curriculum vitae with names and addresses of three references.

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